Presidents Message

The Pakistan Society for Traumatic Stress Studies was founded in December 2005, following the Pakistan Earthquake. Soon a virtual Institute of Psycho Truama (IPTP) was formed as a project of PSTSS .The idea was for the professionals to share information about the effects of trauma, both locally & internationally. IPTP, is dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge about psycho trauma and service initiatives that seek to reduce traumatic stressors and their immediate and long-term consequences.

IPTP provides a forum for the sharing of research, clinical strategies, public policy concerns and propagating the theoretical formulations on trauma around the world. We are the premier virtual Institute of Psycho trauma in Pakistan for the exchange of professional knowledge and expertise in the field.

Decades of Afghan War, and millions of refugees in Pakistan, have led to rampant incidents of psycho trauma. Pakistan as a progressive, moderate peaceful country dramatically changed further after the 9/11 incidence. Pakistan is still hosting the largest number of refugees from Afghanistan in the world. Natural disasters as earthquakes ,floods, continue to tax the resilience of Pakistanis

Several Training Workshops,seminars & lectures have been given during the earthquake & floods to the Mental Health Workers,besides the lay volunteers to help the survivors of these disasters.

Regular Training workshops are conducted with the Media/journalists,to understand the basics of psycho trauma,and learn self protection from cumulative work stress and burnout . Last year a training program for Journalists working in the tribal areas of Pakistan was conducted with the psychologist of the famous Dart Institute of Journalism,by the INTERNEWS.& IPTP.

Over the years several TV & radio talk shows about violence in society, terrorism, suicide bombing etc,public awareness and tips to deal with acute trauma etc are discussed for public information & guidance.

.As the president of both PSTSS & IPTP,I have been a longstanding member of the ISTSS,AND ASTSS.Wrote several articles published on the subject of psycho trauma handling.Regularly attended International congresses on Psycho trauma organized by ISTSS. This year,2014, I have been invited as an International Guest Speaker by ASTSS,,President Kitty Wu,for two presentations.

Members of PSTSS & IPTP include psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, counselors, researchers, lawyers, journalists, and others with an interest in the study and treatment of traumatic stress

Unaiza Niaz